Virebo Products

Virebo Premium

Virebo Premium is Virebo's flagship product. It tracks every page printed, every cartridge or supply consumed, and every job processed by your print servers. Its executive dashboard summarizes waste throughout your firm or in any subdivision. Premium predicts potential savings and explains how you can achieve them, exports its reports as Microsoft Excel workbooks, and plots printing with a variety of visualizations.

Premium ranks subdivisions by their improvements in waste-reduction, so you can easily organize a friendly competition to reduce waste between departments in your firm.

Premium's job-tracking features help you find and eliminate unnecessary printing. Premium looks for duplicate jobs and identifies high-volume users that might be better served with e-readers, online document management, or other digital tools.

You can explore every feature of Virebo Premium in our online demo.

Virebo Plus

Virebo Plus is identical to Virebo Premium, except that it does not include Premium's job- and user-monitoring features. It provides every other feature, including the waste dashboard, departmental rankings, printing visualizations, and ability to export reports to Excel.

Plus includes every feature shown in the demo except the Jobs and Users tabs.

Virebo Basic

Virebo Basic lets you find out exactly how much your firm could save with Virebo. It counts printers, reports daily printing, and shows exactly how much you could save by cutting waste.

Basic includes the Dashboard (abbreviated), Census, and Daily Printing tabs.

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