Virebo Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is simple: we will not disclose your personally-identifiable information (PII) without your consent unless we are forced to.

We collect and distribute aggregate data (for instance, how many pages, on average, a given toner cartridge lasts in a given printer model), but those are irrevocably stripped of any PII that might link them to you.


Virebo collects the following data:

  1. Data contributed directly by users:

    1. Contact information. We will ask for the name, phone number, email address and similar information from account holders.

    2. Billing information. We will ask for credit-card information for paid users.

    3. Hostnames and IP ranges. Virebo will ask you where it should scan for printers and print servers.

    4. Printer metadata. If you wish to use Virebo's advanced reporting tools (for instance, the ability to group printers by department or by location), you will need to tell us the departmental affiliations, locations, or other attributes of your printers.

  2. Data collected automatically by the Virebo website:

    1. Cookies and web server logs. As with most commercial sites on the Internet, logs access to the site by time, client address, browser type, URL, and tracking cookie. It also uses tracking cookies to keep track of individual users.

  3. Printer data collected by the Virebo appliance:

    1. The Virebo appliance scans the IP addresses and hostnames that you specify to determine which ones point to active printers or print servers. We record the response from each address to a SNMP probe for the page count and a HTTP probe for the Server:, <TITLE>, and HTTP response code.

    2. If an address responds to the SNMP page probe, Virebo records basic information about that printer: its IP address, model, serial number, hardware address, etc. Virebo also records three fields that might contain personal information: the printer's user-specified location, system name, and contact address. Virebo will display these fields only to users registered as site administrators.

    3. Virebo periodically scans printers via SNMP and HTTP to read their page counts, alerts, supply levels, and related data. Since alerts may in some rare cases leak personal information (some printers may indicate the owner of the current job in their alert text, for instance), Virebo will show alert text only to users who have site-administrator accounts.

    4. If the Appliance encounters a printer model that it does not support, it may do a full SNMP walk and (if the printer has an internal web server) download certain pages from that printer via HTTP. These pages are stored temporarily so that Virebo's engineering team can work to support that printer. While these scans are not expected to return PII, some printers may return PII anyway. (Certain printers, for instance, return a list of recent job titles in the full SNMP WALK.) Any PII inadvertently found during these scans will be deleted from our systems, subject to the backup provision described below. Virebo may maintain the PII-stripped data for testing purposes.

    5. The Virebo Appliance records logs of its activity on the Virebo server.

  4. Print server data collected by the Virebo appliance:

    1. If you sign up for Virebo Premium, Virebo can also track individual users and individual print jobs. To protect user privacy, Virebo can (at your option) irreversibly scramble user and job names before storing them.


Contact information. Virebo may contact you via the contact information you provide. (See "EMAIL AND OTHER MEANS OF CONTACT" below.)

Billing information. For security, Virebo does not store your credit card information--our billng provider does. We retain only the expiration date, so we can alert you when the card is about to expire, and the last four digits of your card number, to identify the card.

Web server logs and cookies. Virebo uses logs and cookies for two purposes: to keep track of logged-in users and to monitor how our site is used, so we can improve it.

Printer data. Virebo prepares its reports using printer data. Virebo also aggregates printer data from all of our sites to produce summary statistics (for instance, the average lifespan of a given toner cartridge). Any published statistics are stripped of any and all PII.

Full SNMP WALK scans and printer HTML pages. When Virebo downloads a full scan of an unknown printer, the scan data is used by our engineering team to add support for that printer. While we may maintain copies of those WALKs and HTML pages for testing purposes, we will try to purge all PII from these documents before saving them, subject to the discussion of backups below.

Virebo appliance logs. Virebo's Appliance Status page draws upon the logs to show what your appliances are currently doing. Virebo also uses the appliance logs internally to improve the appliances.

Print server data. Virebo builds its Job and User reports with the print server data it collects. Virebo also publishes reports based on aggregated, PII-stripped server data. (For instance, we use PII-stripped server data to calculate the average length of a print job.)


At any time, you can stop Virebo's printer and print-server data collection by shutting down your Virebo appliances.

If you ask us to, we can close your account and delete all personally identifying information. Per industry convention, we run several layers of backup services, so PII might not disappear completely from our system for some time.


We may disclose aggregate, non-personally-identifiable data (for instance, the average number of pages that a given printer prints between paper jams) to anyone.

We will not disclose personally-identifiable information (PII) to

anyone, unless:

  1. You explicitly ask us to (for instance, when you ask us to bill your credit card, we will send your billing information to our billing provider), or

  2. We are forced to by a legal proceeding or the investigation of a security problem, or

  3. A sale of substantially all of the assets of the company, merger, or bankruptcy transfers ownership of our databases to another entity.


Virebo contracts with vendors of data storage, backup, and data transmission services. All of these third parties will not, as a matter of policy, disclose any data Virebo stores with them except when it is strictly necessary for the operation of their business. (For instance, our billing provider must send your billing information to your bank.)


Virebo will contact you in response to your requests (for instance, with password reset emails, billing invoices, support information). Virebo may also contact you with notifications about site enhancements that may benefit you, changes that may affect you, or offers from our vendor partners. If you do not want us to contact you about those matters, please email


Virebo uses encryption to protect your data in transit. No encryption system is perfect. Virebo cannot guarantee that our system will provide perfect security.

Virebo uses SSL encryption to protect your credentials. Virebo's server SSL certificate is signed by a certification authority that is installed in all modern major web browsers. You can, at your option, access the entire site via SSL by visiting instead of

Virebo encrypts all web traffic between Virebo appliances and the Virebo server with SSL.

Virebo uses public-key encryption to sign its appliance software updates.


Virebo may post updates to this policy at any time. We will provide notice of updates by updating the Virebo website at

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